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"Affordable and personalized counseling for your schedule"

I also offer a free 10 minute phone consultation so you know what to expect.


I'm Josh Schubert, a licensed mental health counselor in Virginia and I offer teletherapy services through messaging back and forth. Unlike the big name online sites, I have a small case load where I offer Individualized treatment at an Affordable price. 

Messaging can be very convenient mattering on your schedule and lifestyle. The advantage of messaging is frequent small doses of assistance and relief whenever you need it.  We start off by a webcam session to get to know each other and discuss any questions. Then we message back and forth through a secure system. We can also integrate live-chats, phone-calls, webcam sessions, and use worksheets throughout treatment.

Secure: I use which can be downloaded free on your phone or computer, and it is 100% HIPAA compliant, meaning confidential and secure.  

Convenient: Teletherapy by messaging is an individualized service tailored to your lifestyle. Counseling on your terms based on your schedule. Forget the commute and enjoy at the comfort of your home or while traveling.

Effective: I work with adults to motivate them towards personal growth and wellness. I am a strong believer of creating health habits and routines. I enjoy helping people proactively design their life-style to meet their goals. Teletherapy by messaging may not be appropriate for all people. 


Twice a month (I message you back twice per month): $80

Unlimited Weekly plans are: $45  Monthly plans are: $150


Because "teletherapy by messaging" is new, there is currently no research supporting how therapeutic it is. I can say from my own experience of working with over 200 clients that I have seen great progress and growth through teletherapy by messaging. 

The set up for teletherapy by messaging is easy and straight forward; I can walk you through step by step. 

I also offer a free 10 minute phone consultation so you know what to expect.

Billing is completed through Paypal. is HIPAA compliant software and is an app that can be downloaded for free on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

*Teletherapy by messaging might not be appropriate for all people.

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